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Olive Dollar

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Olive Dollar is an internet marketer of jackstorms which is knowned for its finest glass art. At present, Olive is responsible for the use of several marketing strategies on the internet and mobile devices. She sees to it that she learns new strategies and techniques in promoting and making her client be known in the fast pace of the internet world. She adopts her skills in promoting her client site learning new strategies and taking risks to implement it. She is currently researching on the different techniques on improving the the designs of a certain site. Nevertheless, she shares whatever new information she has on the tools used in creating a site.


Reading is one of Olive's favorite past time. It enables her to be in the top of the news so she could created smarter strategies in keeping up with search engine updates, social network user interface changes, email redesigns and more related ideas. She is diligent in understanding the multiple disciplines of online marketing and through the years she had developed a great way of establishing the business of her clients.